Christmas Eve Offer Jio Vs Vodafone

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In the field of telecom industry Relience Jio is again boosting the telecom market. Jio Providing you 3GB of data Every Day for 84 days

Many customers are fastly connected with Reliance Jio, and Jio has strengthened the grip among its customers.
The main reason behind this is that Jio is made available in 4G Speed ??Data and HD voice calling facility in free of cost at affordable rates.

Due to this reason Vodafone has now made very strong offers available in the market.

Vodafone has now made such a move available in the telecom industry,
in which Vodafone customers are being provided 3GB of data per day for 84 days. This offer of Vodafone Company is giving a tremendous challenge to the Reliance Jio Company.

However, Reliance Jio does not have any such offer, with 84 days of validity, which provides 3GB of data per day.

But there is an offer of 3GB data per day available for 28 days in Yes

The price for this 28-day offer by Jio has been – Rs – 299, which is – Rs- 897 for 84 days. But the Vodafone Company’s 84 offering is worth the price, in which only 3GB of data will  be provided everyday, –  Rs – 569 is kept. This means that the Vodafone company’s offer is being  provided with great benefit from the price according to the price.

In this offer of Vodafone Company,  a total of 252 GB data is provided for 84 days. Which is very good at the price accordingly

This offer of Vodafone Company was making an announcement
on the occasion of Diwali, but now it is going to be a big surprise even on
Christmas Eve. The Vodafone Company offers unlimited voice calling facility  for 84 days in this offer. Along with this, everyday offers are also made available in free of cost. For the remaining 84 days, 3GB of data is also made available daily , but the price is just –  Rs- 569.

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