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Is VIRUS in your phone or not,Check Now

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In this world everyone got Smart phone, many peoples are doing their work connected with the Internet with the help of their smartphone . Because smart phone changed life of every person. It becomes need of everyone. As everyone had smart phone using internet no one knows is VIRUS attacked on their phone or not.

That is why today i am going to tell you that there are five symptoms of a virus coming in the smart phone so that you can identify the virus coming in the phone.

  • The phone has to be hanged repeatedly or too much slow..

If your phone hangs frequently or runs too slow then your phone may have a virus. Because the virus keeps using memory and CPU to do its job, so that the CPU is always busy and the applications are not able to run properly, because the phone is hanging frequently or very slow.

  •   Internet bandwidth (data) being used more

Using more Internet Data

If your phone is consuming more internet data then this could be due to a virus. Because the virus stole all the user’s files and data and always keeps uploading it to their servers so that internet data is used more quickly.

  • Automatically Turn on the Internet Data

If your phone has internet data or Wi-Fi on its own, then it is a symptom of having a virus in the phone because the virus that steals data from the phone requires the Internet to send it to its programmer. Therefore, the virus itself turns on data or WiFi itself.

  • Screenshots on the screen
Phone in Hang-Up Position

When browsing in the browser, we are shown ads in many places. But if your advertisement starts appearing on the home screen or anywhere, then you should understand that the virus has come in the phone. Sometimes, when browsing the Internet, clicking on a link opens a new tab and in the phone. The virus is claimed to be and it is said to clean it. Such pages should be discontinued immediately because this is likely to cause viruses in the phone.

  • Call or message to unwanted number

Virus Dectected

If the call or message is repeated or repeated to your phone from an unwanted or unknowingly number, it can be caused by a virus. Because sometimes viruses use messages or calls without having to use the Internet

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