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Keep in your Mind Never search on Google these 6 things

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Everyone is this world using internet searching for information on Google.Google provide you services quickly just because of that Google is world’s no. 1 searching browser. Every work has become easier for the human being. But today we will tell you 6 things that do not forget to search on Google otherwise you may have to face many problems. Let’s know.

Never search Google on these 6 things, otherwise jail may be.

1. About Hacking Google

Never Search Google Hacking

The case against those who search Google about hacking Google can be a case against them. And they may have to go to jail.

2. Skin disease

People who are worried about allergic and skin diseases should not be searched on Google. Because photos showing related to skin diseases and allergies can disturb you from Google.

3. About abortion

Do not search about abortion at any time on Google. Because Google can make a case against you by tracking your search.

4. Symptoms of illness

If you are experiencing symptoms of a disease in your body then do not seek the symptoms of illness on Google. Because the symptoms of your illness are increasingly reported on Google. And you are claimed to have a serious illness. Which can cause you panic and trouble.

5. About Cancer

Never search Google about cancer anymore. Because most of the cancer information on Google is wrong. Which can confuse you.

5. Criminal search

Never Search Criminal Activity

Google should never search related to criminal activities on Google.
Google should never search about bomb making or bomb making content and criminal things. Because Google tracks your search. Which can make a case over you. And you may have to go to jail.

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