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If You Delete Photo, Do you now where it GO ?

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In the competition of smart phones every company change features of the phone for maximum selling. Like wise if we go 6 years back few smart phone companies provide good camera quality.

But now each and every smart phone company provide you best camera quality. Everyone’s hobby clicking more photos in the phone in other words Everyone’s hobby clicking selfies. We click so many photos. Many of them we delete from phone.

Do You know when we delete photos from phone. Where did it go.

Today m going to share with you in details.

Any type of data in the mobile is in the form of binary code, for that the mobile hard disk has a small storage device and whenever we delete the photo or a document from the mobile

So its binary code will not be of any use and then these binary code is used to make another document or video or photo, thus our photo data is deleted from the mobile.

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