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50,000 Downloads But Google Play Store found this is a fake app.

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In this Internet World everyone using smart phone with lots of features. Android provides lots of application at Google play store. But you will surprise to know one application that is downloaded 50,000 times but this app found Google Play Store FAKE. Here is complete news.

There are reports of fake Android app coming to the Google Play Store. People do not even know and people download fake applications in their phones. Now the security firm Quick Heal Technology has detected a fake app on Google Play Store in one of its reports. The special thing is that this app has been downloaded more than 50,000 times.

Fake App at Play Store

According to the report of Quick Heal, this app is available on Google Play Store with many names like PDF Reader, PDF Downloader, PDF Scanner. This money is raising their rating by taking money from other companies. This app looks like an app like PDF Reader and PDF Downloader. All these apps were forcing people to get 5 star ratings. You can use this app only after rating.

It is also worth noting that the users are able to use the app after 24 hours of installing and rating these apps, but after 24 hours there are many problems coming in these apps.

This app forces people to login and download the same app again. The purpose of this app is to increase the app’s ratings and downloads. If you have this app in your phone then you need to be careful. Delete immediately this app from your smart phone and avoid downloading such an applications.

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