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Be careful! These apps are steeling your bank details, from your Smart phone Be Aware

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Their are lots of applications on play store. Many of them we use for our daily uses. Using baking apps. we do banking transactions for shopping for sending money much more. But we never know some of applications are steeling our banking details here is name of some applications.

If you save your bank details on mobile then be cautious. There are many apps available on the Play Store, which are influenced by Malware, ESET’s security experts have reported that there are 29 apps like Device Cleaner, Horoscope with Battery Manager, which are affected by Dangerous Trojan virus on Google Play Store.

Security Experts pointed out that these apps can easily hack users ‘personal data, as well as steal the users’ bank password including their password. It was told that they have been removed from the Play Store but if you have installed them in your phone before deleting them, then you have to delete them from the phone.

Personal Data such Theft

Whenever you are using malware-optimized apps, you see a Fake login screen. Here the details of your bank are filling you. Users can also send and receive text messages through these apps. Not only this, OTP is also stolen through these apps. In addition to stealing personal data, these apps break the protocol that secures banking data. This protocol is Multifactor Authentication (MFA). Not only this, hackers are able to attack other apps installed on smartphones with their help.

Be Aware Do not download Unnecessary Apps.

Do not download unnecessary apps in your phone. Those you do not need in your phone. When we use play store we usually install unnecessary apps but Be aware do no install unnecessary apps. ESET’s experts have suggested users that while downloading the app, keep in mind what kind of app you are downloading.

ESET has said that these applications may be available in the name of different developers, which hackers operate.

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