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Google Giving a Chance to Earn money for smartphones Users upto 22 Lakh

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Nobody wants to earn money from his smartphone now and also searches about it. In this round, some people also become very much the victims of rigging, fraud etc..

But this time Google has come up with a program for its users, with the help of which the user can win up to Rs 22 lakh easily, you just have to do this work


Nowadays, malware applications on the Google Play Store are becoming more and more available, which threatens the risk of privacy and data theft.

In such a case, under the Google Bug Bounty Program, you can easily win such malware or bug finders from Rs 100 to $ 31,337 or about 22 lakh rupees.

This program is started by Google in collaboration with Hackeron Company. In such a way, you can win the reward very easily by giving information of such malware and bugs on the hackron website.

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