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Be Expert of Whatsapp Chatting.

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On Google app. Store their are lots of apps Everyone use for Chatting. But Whatsapp is very popular app. for chatting we can share information using this app. we can send photos we can send documents. Today am going to tell you Top Tricks of Whatsapp  that will make you an expert of Whatsapp chatting.


Today many people use WhatsApp, but there are many different types of changes to give them a better experience in the app. But there are also many features that are hidden or not in our information.

Who is reading your message

If you have posted a message in the group chat and you want to know which people have read your message. So keep the message sent to you for a while. After that, the option of Info will be opened by clicking on it, you can know which people have read your message.

2. Control data usage

If you use whatsapp, you also know that it spends a lot of data. In this case, you can limit the heavy media files and select the option of low data usage in WhatsApp. This feature reduces the amount of data usage during your chats and calls.

3. Use of stylish text

If you want to highlights your text in bold by bold italic then use two stars for bold and backward for the word and use two slashes for italic. look at the example-

* Hi * for bold

  _ Hi _ for italic

Group Chat MUTE

This feature is more important for those who do not want to be involved in such groups of friends or relatives. While many messages come in, it is not good to leave the group by keeping in mind the feelings of the people. With this feature, you can also mute your group from 8 hours to 1 year. In this way, you will continue to receive a chat reception and will not be disturbed by the ring.

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