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Google Launches a new feature easier Finding your lost Phone

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With the Selling of smart phones. We heard lots of news everyday someone lost his/her phone. He/She tries lots to find mobile. Because personal phone contain very important information. It contains personal banking data, personal photos and much more. The user are scared from losing his/her phone don’t worry about it.

Google had announced new feature of the work has been added to Google’s Find My Own device to find lost smartphones. Google has added the Maps Indoor option to the Find My Device service. This will make it easier to find lost phones.

Indoor Maps feature will allow Google users to showcase some of the selected buildings such as (the airports, malls) indoor view. This will clearly show the users where they have left the phone.

According to a report from The Verge, Google has not yet clarified which buildings will have this feature applied, i.e. on which buildings will find a view of indoor maps

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