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Some Gadgets available in less than Rs 1000/- Must Check it.

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Today am going to share with you information about the Gadgets you can buy in range of Rs. 200-1000 only.

Usb Wifi Adapter

Usb Wifi Adapter

Wireless internet, commonly known as Wi-Fi, requires a wireless router which transmits signals through the air to devices equipped with wireless network card or adapters. Using Wi-Fi, computer users can connect to the Internet from practically any room and can even connect to the Internet on the go using Wi-Fi hotspots. There are dual and single band routers, with the former providing much faster Internet. To connect to a wireless network, a computer or other device must have wireless adapters, whether internal or external. The most commonly used external options are USB Wifi Adapter

About this device

It can be priced from Rs 150 to Rs 250. You can use this gadget in those smartphones. In which hybrid sim slots are given. With this help you can use 2 sim and 1 memory card together.

USB Hub For Computer/Laptop


This gadget is used in computer / laptop. One end of this is to be installed in the computer’s USB port. And the hub of the USB port is given at the other end. Where 2 to 4 USB devices can be used simultaneously.

This Gadget you can also buy in Just Rs 200 up to 800.

External Sound CARD

External Sound Card

This Gadget is used in the computer as a sound card. With whose help we can use mic and speaker in the computer.

This Gadget also you can buy in just Rs 200 up to 500.

Bluethooth Device Recevier Audio

With this gadget, any ordinary audio device is used to connect via Bluetooth.

The price of this gadget can be Rs 200 to Rs 800.

USB Port Charger with Socket

This gadget is used to charge any device via USB cable.

The price of this gadget can be between 400 to 900 rupees.

Automatic Power Cut Off Socket

Automatic Power Cut Off Socket

With this gadget you can charge any device by putting a timer. In this device you have to set a time. And when the time is over, these gadgets are automatically turned off.

The price of this gadget can be between 600 to 900 rupees.

OTG Cable

OTG Cable

This gadget is used to connect a pen drive or card reader to a smartphone. Through this data of pen drive or memory card can be used in the smartphone.

The price of this gadget can be between 150 to 800 rupees.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers

Almost everyone use this Gadget. This gadget contains Bluethooth. Which you can connect to your smartphone. And enjoy listening to the hearings on the outdoor. But only for a limited time, because the battery is engaged in it. Which has a deadline.

The price of this gadget can be between 800 to 900 rupees.

We hope you like this information about these Gadgets. Give you feedback in comment section.

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