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World’s 6 Strange Bikes You will Shocked to See ?

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You heard about 6 wonders of the world?

What we are going to tell you today is no less than a miracle. Today we will talk about 6 Strange Bikes You will Shocked to See.These bikes are not only strange but also their functionality, speed and price are quite different.

Here are details of 6 Strange Bikes

Electric Suitcase Scooter

This bike looks like a computer’s CPU. This is the world’s most weird suitcase scooter. The electric engine has been used in this scooter.

Google Image

Google Image

The battery whose battery is once charged can travel up to 80 miles easily. The price of this scooter is about 4 thousand dollars.

Rhino Electric Unicycle

Portland’s Rhino’s brilliant Unicycle is included in the world’s Wonder Bikes. Very beautiful to watch this bike does not need fuel to walk, nor does this bike pollute the atmosphere.

Google Image

This bike can travel around 20 miles when the battery is charged. It costs about $ 3,000. It has all the control systems in its steering.

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BRP can-am Spider R-S

BRP Rotex, the flagship bike manufacturer of Austria, has built this spectacular. Very beautiful in this bike, three wheels have been used in this bike.

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The capacity of 999 cc is built keeping in mind the modernity and safety. The price of this bike is about 20 thousand 700 dollars.

Google Image

Uno Cycle

This Electric bike is a two in one bike, which was built by a person named Ben Gulak when he was only 18 years old. Two wheels have been used in the back part of this bike and a wheel has been used in the next section, which, according to your need, automatically comes out of the bike and goes inside.

Google Image

Let us tell you that if you are trapped in traffic, then this bike can easily get out of traffic by giving the form of a bicycle. This bike can run as a bicycle in the speed of 15 miles per hour and in the motorcycle mode for 35 miles per hour. Its price is around 5 thousand to 7 thousand dollars.

Google Image

Paravese Monotercer

This bike, covered from all sides, is a very amazing bike. This bike, which runs on two wheels, protects you from both sunshine and dust, and so is the AC system installed in this bike like cars.

Google Image

With a 200 horsepower motor, this bike is capable of catching up to 120 km in 5 seconds. The most important thing is that small wheels have been used on both sides of the side, which turns out of the body while turning the bike and goes on the road, so that the bike can easily be folded into that same speed. Its price is close to $ 1, 5 thousand dollars.

Google Image

Kempega T-Rex 14 RR

At first glance, this bike looks like a sports car. In this bike 197 Horse Power engine has been used with 2 wheels in front and 1 wheels on the back side.

Google Image

This bike is capable of catching up to 100 kilometers per hour as soon as the blink is in the blink. Its price is approximately 50 thousand dollars.

Google Image

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