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What is Google Lens ?

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Day by Day Google is improving ares of information in every field. Today we will talk about Google Lens

Google has recently made a new feature for all Android users named Google Lens. The Google Lens feature was first made available in Google’s smartphone Pixel 2, which is now available for all Android smartphones. This feature will be available in Android Google’s Google Apps application. Before using this feature, you should be aware of this.

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What is Google Lens?

Google lens is a feature of the Google Photo app for Android smartphones that provides information related to any photo by visual analysis. Google lenses can easily identify photo text, famous building, flowers, animals etc. and provide information related to it. According to Google, Google lenses will get better over time and after understanding the surroundings, it will be able to recognize the object more even better.

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The Google lens was officially launched by Google on October 4, 2014. This feature will be available in the Google Photo App and Google Assistant. Google lenses recognize object text, etc. using artificial neural networks.

How to Use Google Lens in Google Photos –

Google lenses are very easy to use, as I mentioned above that Google lenses have been out of control for all Android smartphones, so to use this feature first you need to go to Google Play application in your Play Store Have to update. Google lenses will work only in the latest version of the Google Photo App

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After updating the Google Photos application, you have to take a photo of any text, object, flower, animal, QR code, etc. from your smartphone’s camera, then you have to open the Google Photos application. Now about any photo that Google lens With the help of help open that photo you will see the icon of the Google lens, you have to click on it. After waiting for a few seconds, With a lot of information related to programming as many options will Provide that you can use.

Benefits of Google Lens

Google lens is going to be a very useful feature because with its help you can easily do many things – With the help of Google lens, you can convert any image into text

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Get information about any product, animal, flower, building etc. or you can search directly on Google.

You can get information about painting kept in the museum. The number also provides information related to any university institution that you can call in one click.

Apart from all these Google Lenses has many more Advantages that you can use

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