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Google Offers New Spam Protection Features to Android Users read full story.

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Tech Giant Google has started roll out new spam protection feature for its message app. This feature is for Android users and is currently live. Many Android users can now find this feature just by opening the 3-dot line given to the right in the message.

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Where the option of settings is also given. It has been said in the report that, these changes have been made on behalf of the server side and currently roll out is done for some users. With the help of this feature, users now have this option so that they can also remove this feature.

For this, users have to click the settings and then on the Advanced menu option.

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The company believes that the new spam protection feature will help users identify the message of spam messages i.e. users have no need of.

Earlier even Google had brought these features for its users for a short time. The company has announced that it is completely eliminating its instant messaging app allow and now it will focus only on its SMS.

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The company has said in its statement that it will forever eliminate this app till i.e. this March of this year.

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