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Just a mistake, and will cut the LPG Gas connection

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LPG gas connection is need of each and every home. With the help of Government scheme LPG reached approximately everyone home. So today we will talk about if you didn’t did these things then your LPG gas connection will be cut.

If you have a gas connection in your house then you have even made this mistake.

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After 31 December, gas consumers of all such consumers are going to shut down the gas agency, who have made their KYC in their bank account, but they have not yet provided their Aadhar cards / links in the gas connection. When the subsidy scheme was initiated on the gas connection, the major gas agencies had started a campaign where in.

Included Indane gas, Bharat Gas, Hindustan gas, these agencies by consumers KYC their gas connections Asked to update their account and their base card with gas connection. A lot of people updated the KYC document with their gas connection, added the Aadhaar card.

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But there were some people who have not yet updated the KYC document in their gas connections nor added the Aadhaar card, the connection of such consumers is going to stop the gas agency.

For this reason, LPG connections may also be closed.

Another major reason is that of multiple gas connections, multiple gas connections, that is, more than one gas cylinder in the same house. There is more than one connection in the same house in the name of the same person, due to which the agencies had given them respite until December 31, 2018, that they surrender their connection, now the termination is due to end, due to the beginning of the new year In these people the gas connection will also be terminated.

It is compulsory to link Aadhaar card with gas connections so that subsidy holders can directly provide subsidy to their account.

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There is no KYC update of 41 thousand consumers.

According to sources, according to the figures of three major gas agencies in India, there are 41,000 such consumers who do not have the KYC update, the list is as follows, the gas connection will be cut.

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  • Indane gas Approx. Customers – 15000
  • Hindustan Gas Approx. Customers – 15000
  • Bharat Gas Approx. Customers – 11000

The Supreme Court’s decision is upheld?

A few days ago, the Supreme Court had given its verdict regarding Aadhar card link. In which the mandatory requirement of Aadhaar card was maintained, but with some conditions, it is compulsory to link the Aadhaar card for government services. For this reason, connecting consumers to their KYC and base gas connections is also very important or will not be disconnected.

The name of the child will be shown to take a new gas connection, separate kitchen.

Talking about the rules, the government can not have two gas connections in the name of one person in the name of a single person to take the kitchen gas connection, if you want to take a new gas connection in the name of your children, the first child should be married. And the second one should have a separate kitchen for it.

When taking a new connection, Inquiry will come to your home.

Whenever you apply for a new gas connection, the gas agency staff can come for inspection at your house, the report of your home will be sent to the gas company, if approved from above, you will be given a new connection.

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