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Best Android App of the Year 2018

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Users who use Android phones often keep a lot of apps in their smartphone. Includes apps for messaging, photos, videos, games and other categories.

But sometimes it happens when we consider some apps as our favorite app and use them fiercely. In the year 2018, many apps came new and did not work, there were many apps whose new updates made that app even more spectacular. So let’s take look at those 5 apps which are the best apps of the year 2018.

  1. Whatsapp Messenger (Android)
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Whatsapp is the favorite messaging app for all of today,
where you can do all the things that do not give you any other app. Such as video calling, calls, stickers, emoji and other things. This app got the first place this year. So far, more features are to be added to this messaging platform.

2. Dark Sky (Android)

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If you want to know the temperature of your surroundings or elsewhere without any hesitation, then this app is the best. If there is some natural calamity, then this app will give you information first.

  3. Fitbit (Android)

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Staying fit in today’s time has become quite challenging. So, if someone tries to stay fit then he is confused about what he should eat and how much he needs to eat. All these difficulties have the same solution and that is Fitbit. Yes, this is a fitness app that helps you keep fit.

4. Spotify (Android)

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Like to listen to the song but do not want to keep singing in the phone because there is a problem with storage. So with the help of Spotify you can listen to your favorite song online. This app contains all the latest songs you want to listen to.

5. PicsArt Photo Studio (Android)

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Photographs are preferred by everyone, but people often fail to give it a final touch. So many times people want that their bad photos be made better with the help of an app.

PixArt reduces it completely. With the help of this app you can make your photo look great with the help of many filters and various types of edits.

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