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Now You Can upload 20,000 Photos and Videos in Google Photo Albums

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Google Photos is an app that uses everybody running Android / iOS phones. With this help, not only can the digital image be saved. Rather it can also be put on the cloud. With this app you can also edit the photo. But many times this app gets better when it gets a new update.

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If you use the creative features of Google Photo Album to do a lot more then you will be happy to know that you can now add up to 20,000 photos and videos in a single album. This news has been confirmed by the Android Police.

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It means that Google has now doubled it straight from the previous one. That is, you can now upload 20,000 photos instead of 10,000. Please note that this feature is not for private albums and albums to be shared with other users.

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Google recently made some changes to the function of unlimited photos and video backups. With the help of Google Photos, you can now upload unassigned formats too. But these videos will be counted in storage space.

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