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Powerful Technologies that Will Surprise You in year 2019

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Gadgets have become a part of our life without which we can not imagine our life. With the help of these gadgets we talk, we work and entertain. In the year 2019 the Gadget is going to be a lot better. Here you will know about Coming Powerful Gadgets in year 2019.

5G Smartphone

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5G will knock by the year 2020 where India will meet the world. Snapdragon 855 will be used in smartphones with the first 5G chipset.
Peat Lau, Chief Executive Officer of OnePlus, says that the price of the
5G phone will be between $ 200 and $ 300.

At the same time, American Telecom Connective AT & T Inc. and Verzon have announced that they will launch a 5G smartphone in collaboration with Samsung. According to the report of April 2018, according to Counterpoint Research, the 5G smartphone will increase by 255 percent by year 2021, which will be 110 million units.

Wearable Device Will be Working as a Medical Device

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Wearable is not meant for step or caloric intake, but now you can also check ECG / EKG, while at the same time you can also recognize heartbeats. Although this feature has not yet come to India, this feature is being used in the US.

Voice Which Will Work Like the Internet

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Today, almost all the gadgets work by voice. But in the coming time you will
not even need a remote i.e. your voice will change the TV channel. The voice interface will work slowly in a very good way, ie whatever it is said will understand or will. In simple words you will have your own robot but it will be present only in the gadget.

According to TrackTika’s report, Voice and Speech Recognition Market, where 1.1 billion was in 2017, it would reach 6.9 billion by 2025.


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In the coming time, your smartphone will not need a SIM card i.e. no chip of it.

ESIM Technologies has been launched, where the technology is being used in Apple iPhone and Apple Watch. According to Market report, the E-SIM market will be $ 253 billion by the year 2023 to $ 978 billion. In India, Jio and Airtel have started this service.

Foldable Smartphones

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Foldable smartphones are now turning into reality. These smartphones are being made with the help of OLED panels, where they will turn from the center without any damage. American-based display maker company Royal Corp launches Follbable phone with FlexPie After that Samsung also announced its foldable phone.

Now LG has recently confirmed that it is also going to be rolled into the foldable smartphone market. That is, in addition to all these companies, you can also see foldable phones from Nokia, Apple and Lenovo

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