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How Much Roti Food is Right For Good HEALTH ?

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Everyone knows Food is so important for our health, and this is absolutely true. But there are also various types of nutrients in the roti, which provide energy to our body. Also, these nutrients keep our body healthy. Roti, also called Chapati, consumes many types of diseases such as cancer, brain stroke, diabetes, heart attack etc. and reduce the risk. There are also many other benefits of bread.

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Roti makes many types of toxic elements in our body neutralize. At the same time, it also purifies our blood. If someone complains of pain in joints, then he must eat the bread. Roti also gives us calcium and protein. By eating roti, our muscles are strong muscles.

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All these benefits from roti do not mean that we start eating more loaves than our limits. As you may well know, too much of everything is bad. Our body needs 125 grams of carbohydrate daily. But if a person consumes 4 rotis in the morning, 4 rotis noon and 4 rotis in the evening, it means that the person is taking 400 grams of carbohydrate daily. This is quite high.

By taking more carbohydrates it starts to accumulate in our bodies as fat. As a result, our weight starts to exceed normal. Therefore it is necessary that if you eat 4-4 loaves in three meals every day, you should exercise at least 30 minutes daily.

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If you can not exercise with any reason, then you should only eat 4 rotis a day. However, you should increase the intake of vegetables and fruits in your food. This will not reduce the protein in your body and you can avoid the risk of excess fat.

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