In 2018, was good year for smartphones. Each and every smartphone company tried to satisfied to all customers. But 2019 Anticipated smartphones are coming to this market.

They show a next generation of handsets that are sleeker and sexier than before, smoothing out the rough edges of past smartphones while adding more capabilities than ever. And some of them break fascinating new ground, as well, instead of just improving on what’s come before.

Want an early look at the next super-phone that’ll line your pocket sometime in 2019? Here’s you will read complete details of all smartphones.


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The Galaxy S10 won’t be Samsung’s only big smartphone release in 2019: we’ll also finally, finally get the company’s long-in-the-works foldable handset. Samsung debuted the tech at its Developers Conference in November, showing a phone with a smaller outer screen and a much larger, tablet-esque screen available once you unfold the thing.

It’s been rumoured as the ” Galaxy X ” Galaxy F ” with a modest 4.5 in display (840 x 1960) on the outside and a lavish 7.3 in Infinity Flex Display (1536 x 2152) inside, both at 420 ppi. Most likely, it’ll feature the same Exynos 8920 flagship processor as the S10, but that’s just speculation for now.

Reports suggest a full launch and release in March, with a price that could convert to about £1,350. Look, innovation ain’t cheap, and this one’s surely targeted at the early-adopter die-hards who don’t mind shelling out extra for a cool new trick.


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We’ve been waiting and waiting for Nokia’s rumored new flagship phone, but the wait may soon be over: the Nokia 9 will reportedly be revealed in late January.

And it’s packing heat when it comes to the camera setup. Numerous leaks point to a penta-camera array on the back, with a cluster of five cameras along with the flash and sensors. That’s wild, but that’s exactly what we want to see from Nokia: something bold and flashy, recalling the brand’s past glory days.

Leaks suggest that the front won’t be nearly as exciting, with a fair amount of bezel around a 5.9in Quad HD OLED panel, although it’s rumoured to have an in-display fingerprint sensor. The purported Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip will be plenty powerful, although probably quickly outdated by the incoming 855.

Also, the rumoured price around ₹85K+ will put it in rare territory… and out of reach for a lot of prospective buyers. But given that much-leaked camera setup, we can’t help but be excited to see what Nokia has in store here.



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Moto’s G series has continually ruled the budget roost, and the G7 line could be poised to continue that trend in 2019.

Leaked renders obtained by Droid Shout suggest four different models: a Moto G7 and G7 Plus, both with waterdrop notches, and a Moto G7 Play and G7 Power with wider notches. Expect a dual-camera setup on the G7 and G7 Plus and a single camera on the others, and a massive 5,000mAh battery on the Moto G7 Power.

No word yet on pricing or other differences between the models, but TudoCelular suggests that they will officially see the light of day in February at a reveal event in Brazil ahead of MWC. Why Brazil? It’s because the budget line does especially well in that region, which is also why the Moto G6 was first unveilled there.


LG – G8

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LG has had a tough time keeping up with the premier flagships of the world over the last few years, although maybe the LG G8 will be different.

A report from ET News points to an OnePlus 6T-esque teardrop notch, with a speculative render showing very little bezel all around. It also suggests some kind of 3D camera design, and claims that the G8 will not have 5G support. Instead, LG plans to roll out 5G on a different handset a little later on.


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As of now, there aren’t a lot of strong rumours and leaks out there about the 2019 iPhones, although we expect to see successors to the iPhone XS (shown), iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR around the same annual September target that Apple prefers.

The rumors are all over the place as of now. All three phones might use OLED display or they may not. The pricier models could follow the iPhone XR’s lead and drop 3D Touch support or maybe not. Apple Pencil support? That’s been rumored, too.

One recent rumour suggests that the new 2019 iPhones will not come with 5G network support – so if that’s something you want ASAP, you may not get it from the next iPhone. At this point, however, it’s too early to put much stock into any of these rumors and reports.


The Galaxy S9 played it safe and didn’t pack quite the same punch as its predecessor, but Samsung won’t make that mistake twice, it seems. Leaks suggest that the Galaxy S10 line will use a pinhole camera design on the front, avoiding a large notch by having a tiny cutout just large enough for the front-facing camera’s.

Reports point to a base 6.1in Galaxy S10 model and a larger 6.4in Galaxy S10+, but also a smaller 5.8in Galaxy S10 Lite (purportedly shown up top wearing a case) with a flat screen instead of a curved one. All will pack the new Exynos 8920 chip, or Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 in some territories. In terms of camera count, you should see three on the back of the S10 and S10+, and two on the back of the S10 Lite.

Meanwhile, the S10 and S10 Lite should have one up front, with two on the S10+ suggests a 20 February reveal for the phones at a Samsung Unpacked event, with an 8 March release to follow. The site points to a £799 price for the base Galaxy S10, with the Galaxy S10+ bumping up to £899 and the S10 Lite dropping to £669.

And that may not be all of them: the Wall Street Journal reports that a super-premium edition, called “Beyond X” internally, will have a huge 6.7 in display and six total cameras (three each on the front and back). The phone, which may launch after the other versions, will also pack 5G network support. That’s not expected from the base trio of handsets.

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