Who does not like food, everyone is addicted to food. Everyone likes to eat different types of food, someone with a very high oil spice, or somebody’s fade, somebody Indian, somebody to eat foreign, to whom no one is going to eat anything But in all these we forget that what should we eat while eating and what with?

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Today we are talking about matching the rhythm of food. There are many people who do not know the taste of food properly and eat those foods which should not eat together. Doing this can only prove harmful to our health, how come it is that food consolidation which should be stopped.

Water should not be consumed before 30 minutes before eating it. Doctors also say that if food is consumed only if food is consumed by water, then the acid which works in the stomach to digest food becomes cold and our digestive system becomes weak too.

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You should not be consumed with milk and fruits together. By eating this together we can have food poisoning problems.

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Tea should never be eaten after meals, it will slow down the digestion of your digestive system, as well as the problems of gas, indigestion and irritation.

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