UIDAI goes back to CSC’s path, to get permission for CSC to provide base registration and updation service.

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The Unique Identification Authority of India can once again allow the Common Service Center to provide non-biometric services for Aadhaar card registration and updation, as well as to provide services like helping people to fill the online form.

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The Government is thinking of reviving the Aadhaar Card registration for VLE, ​​which is operating the CSC. Prior to this, the UIDAI had snatched the authority to create Aadhaar card from the Common Service Center to secure the base of 120 million people, and told that the VLE charges more than the people for the registration and updation of the Aadhaar card. But with the ongoing things, it seems that UIDAI can once again give the task of the Aadhaar card to the Common Service Center

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This will work in the Common Service Center

According to the sources, UIDAI officials are being negotiated, allowing registration of CSCs and updation of information to help the common people in filling an online basis form. As in the past, no biometric activity has been included in it. As always, VLE will not be able to make any Aadhaar card from any person’s biometric information, but will help the people to make the application form online according to the new rules.

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The official also said that the people of rural areas are not aware of online, hence the CSC will work for milestones. To do this, the CSC Center will also be allowed to take some charge so that VLE can earn some money and also do the work of the people.

CSC has been repeatedly appealing to the government to reinstate the service of the Aadhaar, considering that UIDAI will serve the CSC, but to make non-biometric basis cards.

VLE Income Source

There are so many such VLEs in the CSC, who had spent millions of rupees to purchase Aadhar card machines. UIDAI snatched the authority to build base from these people by telling them some reason, in which these people can get a way to earn money through the base again and they can start the work of the base again through this new method.

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