Everyone is on social media. Their are so many platforms of social media. Facebook is one of them most famous. We do lots of things on Facebook. Facebook had provided so many features to every users. To share information, to share location, to share your photos and much more.

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Previously if someone want to leave Facebook he can. But now its to that much easy to leave Facebook. If you want to leave Facebook then you need Rs. 70,000/-

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Since Cambridge Analytics Scandal, Facebook’s time is not doing well. Even after this scandal, there are two more data leakage incidents. In such a situation, the number of users can also consider switching off the Facebook account several times during the questions arising on Facebook. In a research on this mental condition, it is found that people will need 70 thousand rupees in a way to leave Facebook

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Researchers found that when it comes to leaving Facebook, users will need an average 1,000 dollars (70,000 rupees) to deactivate their accounts for one year. Researchers actually put the auction to get this figure. In order to know the value of the time people spent on Facebook, the researchers asked this question in another way that if they pay for leaving Facebook, then how much would it be to leave for one day, one week, one month or one year Payments and bids were made.

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Professor J. Corignan, professor of Economics at Kenyan College, Ohio, the chief author of the research, said, “People spend millions of hours on Facebook every day. We wanted to find out the value in the context of the dollar. ” Facebook has more than 2.2 billion users worldwide.

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The average bid of $ 4.17 a day for a day in 12 auction for 122 students in Mid-Westen College, and an average of $ 37 for a week, resulting in a one-year average of 1,511 to $ 1,908.

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At the same time, between the 133 students and 138 adults in Mid-Weston city, the annual average of the group was $ 2,076 and the adult group’s group was $ 1,139. Thus the combined average is about $ 1,000 a year.

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