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World’s 3 Most Stubborn Landlords

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In this world their are so many humans who do not listen to anyone. They do whatever they want to do. Even though they did not listen to Government also. Today we will discuss about Word’s 3 most stubborn landlords.

Highway House

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When the government passes the bill of any road or bridge the people whose land get used are given their prices of land. But there are still some people who have the ability to challenge the government. This house belongs to a 66 years old man who has such courage.

Narita Airport Farm

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Can you live in such a house whose land shakes everyday. Actually this farmer had his field in that areas since years where the airport plants was to be setup now.

This Farmer refused to give his land to the government and fought every difficulty and tackled every obstacles that came in his way.

Wu Ping, China

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The owners of this house are also one of the internet sensation who became famous overnight. The location of this house was first something different. The people of the area decided to sell these lands and build their homes to some other places.

But this person refused and filed a case in court and the result was in his favor. But normally such incidents doesn’t takes place. After all these the daily life facilities were closed like water and electricity. Later they received all needs when the common people helped them.

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