Each and every smartphone user did not know about, which type of screen he/she is using. Because every smartphone had different type of display.
If you buy a new smart phone then you must know about its screen size or resolution etc.in specification.

There are many types of screens in the mobile phone, do you know which screen is better?

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LTL (Thin-film transistor liquid crystal display) screen is similar to the LCD. It can also be called the developed form of LCD. The use of TFT screen is a better option. The technology has been better used in its display.


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This screen has a new experience with high level colors. LG’s smartphones are known only for high quality IPS screens. It requires more power back light and it shows better colors. Through this the screen can be seen from a wide angle.

The Registry Touchscreen LCD

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Registry Touchscreen Panel has many layers, in which there is a thin space between them. When fingers or stylus touches the screen, the surface is pressed on which the two layers are connected at one point. This screen is now used in low budget phones in touchscreen phones

Capacitive touchscreen LCD

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Capacitive touchscreen works from the sensing of electrical properties of a person’s body. In the capacitive touchscreen panel, there is an indium tin oxide transducer conductor. There is also an electrical conductor in the human body, so that the electrostatic field gets distilled to touch the screen and it is taken as a point order. Regarding the capacitive touchscreen is much better than the Registry Touchscreen.

OLED Display

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Organic Light-Emitting Diode contains small dots of organic polymers that emit light after being charged with electricity. OLED is a new display technology that works on low power compared to LCD. Better looking angles, videos and great animations can be enjoyed in this display.

Amoled Display

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(Active-Matrix organic light-emitting diode) display is the latest display technology used for mobile phones and TVs. It has a splendid color, a better image, and less power conservation than LCD. It is also a special feature that the phone is thin and light using its usage. 

Super Amoled Display

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Super Amoled can also be called an upgrade version of Amoled and it is capable of delivering even better performance than Amoled. While Amolad is difficult to use in direct sunlight, Super Amolad provides better performance in the sunlight as well as supports the bright image and has less power


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Prevents bright light on the eyes is the trend in mobile phones nowadays. The LCD itself does not produce any light, but it modulate the light from another source. Additionally LCD screen has high resolution availability.

Retina Display

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Retina Display is manufactured by Apple and used in Apple’s device. Many times the high light in the phone stings in the eyes, which decreases due to this display. It also depends on the distance between the phone and the consumer. It is used in Apple’s excessive devices, including iPhones, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad Air.

Mobile Bravia

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This is a brand used by Sony, this display is used in highly LCD HD TVs. But now it is being used in mobile phones too. This makes the phone’s screen look very good with sharpness. This screen can be used more in Sony Xperia Series phones.

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