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Vitamin B1 (called Thiamine) is one of the vitamins B, a vital vitamin that plays a major role in the nervous system, which contributes to the function of heart and blood vessels. It stimulate the body’s conversion of sugary sugar to the use of energy, which is also used to minimize fat and vitamins.

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It is a good vitamin that prevents old age, contributes to the functioning of red cells, in the heart condition, brain and memory and the appetite. It is possible to protect the eyes from getting sick.

Besides, it also contributes to the muscle function of the organism, as well as the functioning of the skin, the hair, the eyes, the mouth and the dark. It helps body to cope with stress and therefore call them vitamins that fight stress

What does Vitamin B1 look like?

In the plants are most popular in desserts, fruits, vegetables, pineapples, beans, tomatoes, cereals, and vegetables, with chop-fleur fruits. Among the animals are pigs, but it is also known as pigs as the first market of tensus when it is not properly prepared for food. Appearance with meat and lemon juice.

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Some of the best foods on vitamin B1

Instead of cooking too much time and putting in the refrigerator a large amount of time produces vitamin B1.


Generally, vitamin B1 does not increase in body weight because it has become more common in the body. However, a person in the body may feel as though he were in the stomach and may have been depressed in the vagina.

When it comes to less, it produces a variety of problems in the body. Nutrition, obesity, diarrhea, irritation, and dysentery (often injected into the ovaries to slow down and drink too much). Unfortunately no one has ever been diagnosed with barbarian disease, due to the lack of vitamin B1.

This disease is caused by poor function of muscles, heart disease and nervousness. Increase in the number of consumers, where they can afford to travel, often buy cheap drinks. It is based on the availability of vitamins that contain this vitamin in large quantities or inches. It’s good then to take a great deal of food on this vitamin because you do not see it in the kitchen or eat it in large amounts.

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