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If Your Colleague Smells Bad

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You need to ask your colleague to listen to you & let them know that the conversation is going to be kind of unpleasant. So go ahead only after the person agrees to listen to you.

If You Want to Take a Selfie

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We advice non to take selfies in the bathroom, in extreme or dangerous situations, or near accidents. These are signs of bad manners, carelessness & even cruelty.

Difference Between a Pregnant Woman & an Overweight Woman

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Signs that can help you find difference between pregnant & an overweight woman:

  • For the most part, pregnant women don’t wear high heels & their ankles are usually swollen.
  • If a woman’s holding their lower back or transferring her weight from one leg to another, she is probably pregnant & it is better to offer her a seat.

Public Restrooms

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Don’t try to open the door of a closed stall. Men are recommended to keep some distance between each other & by skipping urinals.

If You Need to Blow Your Nose

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Let me tell you that true ladies & gentlemen don’t use paper handkerchiefs, they prefer handkerchiefs made from fabrics. Of course it is not a good decision when it comes to hygiene, but in this case, you should observe all the etiquette rules.

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